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denimjeanisanon's Journal

5 December 1991
My little space to get away from the world and, admittedly, myself, lies here. I won't tell you what I am, what I enjoy, because I don't want you to classify me from those insignificant details. I will tell you who I am, though. I am young for my body, old for my age, in love with the world at large, terrified of people who would have me unhappy, rearing to leave this stale little life I lead, and unwilling to leave behind the comfort of the familiar. I am emotion and I am a blank slate, waiting for a chance to start over and be me instead of what you see me as. I am diversity and I am close-minded-ness. I am Hello Daddy and Goodbye Grandma and Where the HELL have you been? I am long nights and tired days, exploring my sexuality and feeling it out little by little. I am a lie. And I am the truth. I am me.

EDIT ;; If you couldn't tell, I'm a bit dramatic, a bit poetic, and really closed off. I find it really really hard to open up to people, and even harder to trust them. I've had a lot of bad experiences with people in general, and while I like to believe the best of humanity... well. I am always the first to admit that I can't always do that. I like to put my actions in *asterisks* when I'm chatting with people, because it makes expressing myself that much easier, and yes, my life is full of a shit-ton of drama that you probably don't need on your plate. If you're still reading this... hell, talk to me! You've gotta be awesome to stick through this much bitching, right?

Shit, I don't even really know what I'm saying. What I get for typing at 3:20 AM, I guess. *rubs face* I'll get on for another edit later, y'all.